The brand’s latest collection was inspired by one of the ParelParel founders' beloved film, the late 90s movie, "Great Expectations". 
New collection draws inspiration from the amazing colors, and the aesthetics of film stills,
as well as stunning locations where the film was shot and the amazing graphic work of Italian Artist Francesco Clemente. His talent has been recognized by the producers of the film, and he has been invited to create special works that were featured in the movie, contributing significantly to its success.
Throughout the film, green color is magically delicate threaded in the movie, 
and it is evident in the set design, and in the styling of the film's scenery. 
That is way in this collection the designers have introduced new precious stones such as natural emeralds and tourmaline with beautiful green shades that convey with the unique and romantic character of the film.
The new designs are also much larger and bolder than the previous lines. In addition, the designers have applied new solutions, such as setting stones in the jewelry designs. The designers wanted the customers to have many options of wearing the Jewelry when investing in one of the models. 
Therefore, the newness to the collection are the double-sided medallions, which have different carvings. The new model of Earrings that are  named lilies of the valley can be worn in two ways, with or without a pearl. Additionally, in the fin hook model the brand's customers can compose their own sets of medallions and hang them over the fish's head to create you own amazing and unique compositions. 
The brand as it develops and increases production of its design’s places great emphasis on sustainable production and has made huge changes to ensure that the Jewelry is manufactured with the least harmful effect on the environment. ParelParel jewelry are traditionally a combination of valuable natural high-quality materials with a unique and exquisite craftsmanship lying at the base of each collection.