Our brand, as it develops and increases production of its design’s, places great emphasis on sustainable production and has made huge changes to ensure that the Jewelry is manufactured with the least harmful effect on the environment.

We believe that each of us has a responsibility to reduce the negative effects of production as much as possible so that we can protect our planet for future generations.

  • That is why our jewelry is made only to order as we don't believe in over production.
  • We use only recycled 14k gold and 925 silver and gemstones that are ethically sourced.
  • All our materials are transparent and from responsible sourcing.
  • Our packaging is made only from biodegradable materials with "FSC"- ECO Certificate.
  • We offten buy vintage products on flee markets to produce our jewelry so the decorative beads and unique elements have the opportunity for second life.
  • In our company, we focus on equal rights and full tolerance and acceptance of every form of difference.
  • We support actions like the women's strike and take an active part in social activities that are close to our values.

But most importanly our pieces are also sustainable in style, so that they can last generations. Since the begging of our jewlery journey we stick to the most important rule. When we are designing a particular piece we know that it will never live our ParelParel collection.

Thanks to this small commitment, we knew that any client who will decide to purchase a jewel from ParelParel manufacture will have a guarantee that the piece is a true classic and that it will never go out of style. Proving that the efforts which have been made and produce this particular piece were not in vain.