Could you please tell us a little about yourself? 


We are twin sisters from Warsaw, Poland that have true passion for making jewelry. 


When was the brand founded and what inspired you to launch Parel Parel?


The idea for our brand was born many years ago.

We have started to work on the brand in December 2017.

Our first collection premiered in 2018. 

We have always designed jewelry, so it was a natural step for us, as we were thinking about this for many years.

We wanted to create jewelry beautiful, unique and sustainably produced.


What’s your process? How do you start a new piece / collection? Where does inspiration come from?


We do have our dedicated chat for design season.

We crush there some ideas, inspirations, colors, materials etc.

Amazingly we have the same taste, and the process is easy and fun.

Best think about our brand and launching it is that we can spend more time together as we are grown women with different households.

Regarding the inspirations, they are always taken from art and vintage design.

We already had some amazing collections inspired by work of artists like: Johannes Vermeer, Claude Lalanne, Georgia O’ Keeffe, Hilma af Klint.

The New “Paradiso Perduto” Collection was inspired by the movie Great Expectations.

Our beloved move from childhood.


What was the first piece of jewelry created under the Parel Parel brand?  And how have your designs evolved since the launch of the brand?


The first piece that we have ever designed was Magic Moon medallion. 

Magic Moon is still in our collection. 

The process itself haven’t evolved very much as we are using time-honored methods of lost wax casting and that will never change. 

We always curve all our designs in wax and later make the mold out of them.

Of course, with time we made some changes. 

We have started with only few lost wax casting medallions in our first Collection. 

Now, our collection has about 35/40 combination of the designs. 

Our first jewels were made from high-quality brass, now we are making our pieces in silver & gold vermeil.  


How important is sustainability to the brand? And how is it manifested?


Our brand as it develops and increases production of its design’s places great emphasis on sustainable production and has made huge changes to ensure that the Jewelry is manufactured with the least harmful effect on the environment.

We believe that each of us has a responsibility to reduce the negative effects of production as much as possible so that we can protect our planet for future generations!

That is why Our jewelry is made only to order from recycled gold and silver.

Our packaging is made from only biodegradable materials!


Why lost wax casting? 


We true believe that this is the most creative, unique, and sustainable way to make jewelry.

We don’t believe in 3D designs, because for us this kind of design have no depth, no soul. 

It’s easy to draw something in the computer and print it on the 3D printer, but hand curved designs are more valuable.

Our pieces are truly made by hand.

This way they are more artistic and unique.


Could you tell us more about who handcrafts the pieces? 


We do!

Of course, we do have some amazing help in our crew constructor, our foundry and gold plating team. 

With this kind of volumes, we won’t have time for anything else than making the pieces. 


How long does each piece take to produce? 


Of course, it depends.

Designing process takes longer because it’s more complex. 

Sometimes it takes one months to finish all the designs.

With time, we manage to find our style and our process is faster.

When the design is finished it takes few days to make a piece, as we do every piece made to order.  


What’s your typical day ‘at the office?’ 


We start every day with the big coffee!

After that, we are checking the ParelParel e-mail box.

Most of our Stockists and Buyers are from different time zones so by the time we are up our mailbox is full.  

Every day is different. It mostly depends on in with how many orders we have and in what selling period we are.  

Now we have just finished designing our 7th collection not to mention that we have approached the Q4. 

The most intense selling season! 

We are also in the process of launching a new web side, and we are changing the headquarters for bigger space, so our hands are full!


If you were to pick a personal favorite, which Parel Parel piece would it be? 


We need to say that every piece is like a child to us.

Of course, some of them are closer to our heart than the other.

It really changes with time.

When we are about to launch the new collection, we will be choosing, something from our new line as all Girls like newness. 

But with time every piece is more sentimental so really, we can’t choose only one! 


Your favorite quote?


“A woman is like a tea bag – you never know how strong she is until she gets in hot water.” — Eleanor Roosevelt


Who would you love to wear your pieces?


I think that we have so many designs and variety of products that hopeful every Girl would like to have at least one piece from our collections. 

But really after almost 4 years we know our type of type of client very well.

It is a girl/woman who love fashion but appreciates the one-of-a-kind design.