The newest PARELPAREL Collection took an inspiration by a series of Agnes Pelton's pieces of art named "Imaginative Paintings" which were based on outdoor exploration of the effects of earth phenomena and natural lights. 

While making the collection, designers tried to bring this lightening effect in to the designs by adding more shininess in to pieces. 

They have created more polished and modern jewels by using, new for the brand finishing techniques.

To achieve this luminous effect, designers mainly focused on using 925 sterling silver in process of making the jewels while continually making the whole Collection available in gold vermeil. 

Thanks to this new approach, PARELPAREL pieces are modern, lustrous and sleeker. 

Every brand Collection is focused, around carefully, chosen motives, and this one is no exception.

This time designers took on the workshop shapes of vases, water drops, poppy flowers and various kinds of irregular shapes all present in the series of works of this American Artist. 

This is the brand's eight, collection, and to celebrate this angellic, infinity number designers introduced total newness to their portfolio.

Long-awaited line of PARELPAREL rings that can be mixed and matched together to create beautiful and bold compositions.